Founder David Sønstebø leaves the Foundation

IOTA News: Founder David Sønstebø leaves the Foundation

In today’s IOTA News, we will focus on the retirement of David Sønstebø from the Foundation. A press release published on 10 December shows that founding member Sønstebø may have fundamentally different interests and goals Bitcoin Millionaire than the current management.

Let’s take a look at what the press release says and what voices there are in the community.

At the end of last week, we received news on the IOTA Foundation’s Twitter channel that David Sønstebø is leaving the Foundation.

The reasons and statements are interesting and can be read in detail on the Foundation’s blog.

In our IOTA News we want to take a closer look at individual passages. At the beginning of the news it says that the IOTA Foundation has separated from Sønstebø.

Regarding the decision the blog says:

The separation will take place after a unanimous decision made by the Board of Trustees and is in the best interest of IOTA and its ecosystem.

On the official website the picture, position and name of Sønstebø in the team presentation have already been removed.

From the blog post it can be seen that the decision was probably made due to internal differences of opinion. According to IOTA News, it was a decision „that had to be made“.

Furthermore it says:

There were some examples where David’s actions did not match what the foundation stands for and what it wants to be.

Given the concerned investors and community, the Foundation is now positioning itself with an approach of strength. The blog post emphasises that the primary goal is to protect the interests of the community and that the Foundation is not afraid to make difficult decisions that protect and safeguard these interests.

The blog post also concludes by saying that the Foundation is stronger than ever before. The planned technical developments have also gone according to plan and are progressing well.

This changes absolutely nothing about the provision and strategy of both chrysalis and cordicide and we are seeing good progress on both sides.

Divided opinions in the community

As already indicated, our IOTA News is intended to capture the mood of the community. Here it becomes clear that there are both supporters of the clear decision as well as critics of the management level.

As so often, there is a split opinion. A contribution by Reddit user 4745454B is an example of this:

It is indeed good news, because some founders cannot grow with the project. It seems that IOTA is getting ready for ‚corporate‘ (companies) and this is not only about the technological aspect.

Other users expressed complete incomprehension and feel confirmed in their opinion that they turned their backs on the project a long time ago. The following opinion of CalculatedLuck is an example of this:

I left IOTA some time ago because the leadership was weak. The communication from Sønstebø was in part extremely unprofessional.

This brings us to the end of our IOTA News about the separation of the founder Sønstebø with the Foundation.

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